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For ideas on how the Internet and technology in general can be used for Catholic Education - and for the sheer pleasure of exploring these little technological wonders! - I offer a few links to excellent online resources in Macromedia Flash or RealAudio formats as well as to some web sites using the Internet media in creative ways to support religious education.

Note: a few of the resources below have a Protestant theological bias.

Many of the following require the Macromedia Flash plugin. If you do not have this program installed, you can download it here. These presentations can be downloaded onto your hard drive and used during prayer celebrations, retreats, etc. A projector and screen would be required for presentations to larger groups. You should, however, secure permission to use the material.

bullet Moments with God - this web site offers several very beautiful visual presentations created by Reata Strickland, the same artist who is responsible for the very popular "Interview with God" which you may have seen before.

bullet Easter Poster - A beautiful mural of the resurrected Christ appearing to his disciples. Click on one of the languages in the right hand-side margin to see a text appear in that language.

The following presentations are from various sources and are also in Flash. These were produced by evangelical Christians.

bullet John 3:16 - a very powerful presentation. Sounds and words (several languages available) accompany the presentation.

bullet Creation - The Genesis 1 creation story for children in stunning images and with gentle background music.

bullet One - Here again the images are wonderful.

The following are web sites which use technology in other creative ways using RealAudio sound and/or audio files.

bullet EWTN - offers a variety of video and/or audio files online of programming ranging from daily homilies, to catholic news, to the Pope's Wednesday audiences. These files are in various formats to accommodate the plugins of viewers/listeners.

bullet - Real Audio - This web site offers an outstanding introduction to the Byzantine Catholics rite. You can view and hear the complete Divine Liturgy online, or hear individual parts of it:

  The Great Litany Length: 3.06 minutes
  The Beatitudes Length: 3.14 minutes
  Prokeimenon Length: 47 seconds
  Alleluia Length: 1.04 minutes
  The Augmented Litany Length: 3.19 minutes
  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Length: 25 seconds
  The Creed Length: 3.09 minutes
  God Grant Us Many Years Length: 1.00 minute

The page entitled"About Byzantines" and "Kitchen Sink" also provides a wealth of background information on the Byzantine Catholic Church.

bullet The JESUS Film Project - The Jesus Film is available in it's full 2 hour version online in 55 different languages. It is based on the Gospel of Luke. Also available in English is the version for children: "The Story of Jesus for Children". You can also listen to the sound track of the film. The RealAudio pluggin is required. Sound/audio files are available in various formats to accommodate the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a high speed connection you can watch the video file in full screen. Simply right click you mouse on the image and select "zoom", and then "full screen".

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