There is a growing number of websites on the WWW specifically for religious education teachers and for catechists. These provide a rich array of resources and tools. The following are also among the very best sites available.

bullet A Catholic Educator's Resource Center - Resources for Catholic Education: " The Catholic Educator’s Resource Center provides an internet library of journal articles, essays, book excerpts, and other texts chosen for their objective, concise, and clear presentation of Catholic teachings, history, and culture. " Gathered in this web site are a large and varied collection of documents on dozens of topics and current issues. The Catholic Education section, for example, lists almost 100 links and provides a good description of the content of each. The same process is used on each of the other topic pages. Other topics include, to name but a few: Art & Literature, History, Politics & Government, Religion and Ethics, Science. Issues documented include: abortion, the environement, the media, medical ethics, sexuality, and many more.
The home page also supplies links to recent "Editorials of Interest" from various National Newspapers and Magazines. These editorials deal with issues which are of interest to Catholic educators. Again brief and useful descriptions of content are provided.

bullet Religious Education Resources is another source of information specifically intended for religious education. Noteworthy features include the following sections: Community Service: Arts and Crafts, Evaluating Student Performance, Nursing Home; Diagnostic Tools: Surveys, quotables, lesson structure, simulation game - teaching values ; Pedagogy in Religious Education: Lesson Structure, Curriculum Framework, Guidelines for Religious Education - Work of the Archdiocese of Melbourne; Specific Teaching Units: Lesson Plan on Creation, Stewardship - Creation - Original Sin Unity with God, Vocations, The Will (many lesson plans and worksheets); Student Concerns: Questions asked by Year 8 and 11 students, Meditation Responses reveal concerns and spirituality

bullet Weblinks - This site was recently launched by Sadlier. It is already a valuable resources for religious education and will become even more so as the content of the archives expands. WebLinks offers: Links to Web sites selected by educators focussing on diverse topics; Interactive, Web-based lesson activities for ages 5 to 14 developed by catechists for catechists; An online discussion group where people can share ideas about using technology and ask specific questions about the use of Web-based resources.
bullet Catholic Catechist - A "free online curriculum support service to help catechists find resources and ideas to use in lesson planning". Web mistress Doreen Gerczak has obtained permission from various publishers to reproduce and make available on her site a large number of free printable lesson plans and other resources on an amazingly broad array of topics. Doreen also graciously offers to locate resources for you - see her "personal support" page - and provides a substantial number of links to useful resources off site.

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bullet For a listing of other websites dealing specifically with religious education or issues related to religious education see: Religious Education - Resources for Catholic Educators

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