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Many Catholic newspapers and magazines have online editions that sometimes provide exceptional resources that can be very helpful to catechists and teachers.

bullet The Western Catholic Reporter - "the largest weekly religious newspaper in Canada" offers two exceptional features:

bullet St. Augustine Catholic - the official magazine of the Diocese of Saint Augustine. The archive provides a link to past issues from January 2000. These give access to over 150 quality articles on a broad range of subjects. Because all the past issues are in PDF format and in full color, the quality of printing is outstanding. There is no search engine on the site. Open each issue of the magazine and scroll down to the table of contents that is usually located within the first 5 pages. Many of these articles would be excellent as reflection/background resources for catechists/teachers or as handouts to RCIA members.

bullet U.S. Catholic - This magazine is published monthly by the Claretians. Each publication usually offers several articles and interviews on a specific issue as well as other regular features. The "Back Issues" page allows you to browse through the table of contents of issues dating back to April 1996. The site has a search engine.

bullet Echoing the Word - This is an excellent online magazine produced by the Pauline sisters in Australia specifically for catechists and religious education teachers. There is a cost to have access to the new issues and archives, but there are some resources available even if you are not registered. Well worth exploring!

bullet Sojourners - "address issues of faith, politics, and culture from a biblical perspective" - Articles are often thought provoking. All articles from back issues from April 1994 onward are available online. This is a non-denominational magazine with articles from Catholic authors and authors from other Christian denominations.

bullet St Anthony Messenger - The online version of this magazine produced by Franciscan Communications is so rich in content that it is difficult to present it succinctly. Features that are especially interesting for catechists and religion teachers include:

  • The Bible: Light to My Path - "St. Anthony Messenger has invited several biblical experts to contribute to this column in 2002. Each month, one author will choose a passage that comforts, challenges or seems neglected. He or she will explain how to apply this passage and connect it to everyday life."
  • Ask a Franciscan - By Father Pat McCloskey, O.F.M. is the Franciscan who provides insightful answers to a broad range of questions from readers.
  • Links for Learners - offered to those who would like to use St. Anthony Messenger in an educational setting or for further study at home. This resource is prepared with high school students in mind, but can be adapted for other age groups. We will feature one article for further study each month. Back issues, beginning in May 1997, contain this resource. Up until December 1998 it was called a teacher's guide or classroom resource. Teachers with access to computer labs should encourage students to access the article directly online.

Back issues are available from April 1996

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