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September 14, 2009 - Survey Responses

Thank you to all those who took the time to answer the survey response in the last edition of the Catholic Faith Education Newsletter.
These will be helpful to me in planning future editions and your kind supportive comments are encouraging and appreciated.
Below are the results of that survey:


Below is a summary of answers to the second question on the survey, "Other features you would like to see in the newsletter".
If you have any suggestions of online resources or ideas to share in response to this "wish list", please do not hesitate to share them by answering the current survey questions.

...material for the Sunday children's liturgy.

Service project ideas.

More material for midle schoolers and high schoolers - needs to be challenging and more technology geared...

High scholl activities or lessons on creating web quests and smart board ideas.

Inspriational quotes from saints, more junior high resources and classroom bulletn board tips...

Suggestions for music for music ministry for Sundays and Feast days of the year.
Suggestions for Bidding prayers

Inspirational stories that can be applied to Modern Students even if it means involving some history- Kateri of the Mohawks- Charlotte Small etc.

Resources for those of us facing church closing...

Resources for special needs children...

More things pertinent to adult catechesis.

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