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Rev.Patrick Gaffney, S.M.M. on Mary
The Magnificat

Mary and dove The following are some of the online resources available on the Magnificat.

bullet Mary's Magnificat by Daniel W. Casey and Very good article in Scripture From Scratch published by St. Anthony Messenger Press.

bullet In Search of the Real Mary by Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J. - a Catholic Update also published by St. Anthony Messenger Press.

bullet The Prayer of the Virgin Mary: The Magnificat - The Canticle of Mary - this page form the Women for Faith & Family offers a brief reflection on the magnificat as well as links to other resources on Mary an marian prayers.

bullet The "Merciless" Magnificat - This by Rev. Johann G. Roten, SM is on the University of Dayton website. Also see, on the same website, My Spirit Finds Joy in God My Savior.

bulletMy Soul Magnifies the Lord - The Text of the scripture passage and a very expressive drawing by Sister Mary Grace Thul, OP.

bullet Biblical Sources of Miryam's Hymn - This chart paralleling Luke 1: 46-51 to texts in the Psalms and elsewhere in the Old Testament is illuminating. It contains contains a sampling of passages that are either quoted directly or possibly alluded to in Mary's hymn of praise in Luke 1:46-55. (In PDF format)

bullet Links to Images of the Visitation - Quite an extensive list of links to web site containing painting of great masters on the theme of the Visitation.

bullet The Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions the Magnificat in three articles: #2619 , #2622 , and #2697.

Here are also a few commentaries and reflections on Luke 1: 46-56 available online:

bullet Daily Reading & Meditation: Scripture: Luke 1:39-56

bullet Mary Sings the Praises of God - from a General Audience of Pope John Paul II

bullet The Gospel of Luke: a commentary & meditation: Joyful Expectation of the Messiah

bullet Reflection given by Sr. Maureen Hilliard on the occasion of the jubilee celebration of seven Sisters of Notre Dame at Cunningham Memorial Chapel at Notre Dame de Namur University, August, 2003. This is an excerpts an excerpt.

bullet God does send the rich away empty - by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi


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