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Lenten Resources Reviews I - Feast Days & Special Days Clipart

The following resource are beautifully made and worth exploring: Angels of Passion: Meditations on Jesus' Last Hours:

Ten strikingly beautiful angel sculptures line the Bridge of Angels in Rome. Each angel holds a symbol of Christ's suffering and death. As you watch this prayerful meditation on the Passion, reflect on what Jesus means to you.
Also take a look at the very powerful Flash presentation, Bitter Journey: the Way of the Cross: A multimedia feature tracing Jesus' passion and death:
The concept for Beliefnet's "Bitter Journey: The Way of the Cross" is based on traditions associated with Tenebrae services, the Stations of the Cross, and the Lamentations of Good Friday.
The Belief.net Web site produces high quality resources. One note of caution: because it is open to a broad range of religious beliefs (Christian and non-Christian), discernment is required in sorting through what the Web site offers.
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bullet The Anglican parish church of St George the Martyr, Wash Common, a small suburb to the south of Newbury, Berkshire, England, offers evocative paintings by Ken Cooke depicting the XIV stations of the cross.